May 7, 2013

After recently being downsized out of a job and finding myself with a lot of time, I decided to start a blog.  When asked by others what I would like to do for a living, I tell them I would like to be paid to drink beer and read books.  Note to any possible employers, I will supply my own mug and/or bottle opener.  So, as is obvious, I love books and I love beer.  What is not so obvious is that I love cats and I’m quite fond of Dr. Who (the show, not the current actor).

Currently Reading:

1.  Kent State:  What Happened and Why by James A. Michener, copyright 1971 by Random House, Inc. 

A few notes on this book as I have not read very far.  First, if it had a soundtrack, it would have to include Arlo Guthrie, Bob Dylan and possibly some Rolling Stones.  Secondly, Mr. Michener seems to enjoy inundating his readers with information.  He gives lists and descriptions of students not involved and a detailed listing of the African-American groups on campus and their beliefs even though, as Mr. Michener himself says, “Blacks were not involved, and they will be discussed no further in this book . . . .”  Had I wanted to read a book of this nature, I would have purchased Kent State:  What Happened and A Lot of Other Information.  I must confess however, that this is a well researched and enjoyable book so far.  If anyone can give me more than just the average online information on Noam Chomsky or whether Che Guevara was a revolutionary or a murderer or both, please leave comments.

2.  Nancy Drew: The Whispering Statue (#14) by Caroline Keene, copyright 1937 by Grosset & Dunlap, Inc. 

I find the cloying wholesomeness often makes me smile if not outright guffaw.  For example, in Nancy Drew and the Secret of Red Gate Farm, Nancy and her chums are captured by Maurice Hale who then suggests, ” ‘We’ll have to get ’em out of here,’ he said.  ‘They’ll be missed and a searching party might visit this joint.  How about the shack at the river?  It’s in such a desolate spot no one would think of looking there until after____’

“He did not finish the sentence, but from the sinister expression on his face, Nancy and her friends guessed his meaning.  He intended to lock them up in the cabin and leave them without food!”

As opposed to a bullet in the brainpan and violation of their corpses.  Golly gee wilikers!

3.  Haunted Happenings by Robert E. Cahill, copyright 1992 by Old Saltbox

I tend to agree with the author, Mr. Cahill, in his statement “. . . I find it just as difficult to believe in ghosts as I find it to disbelieve in them.”  I find the paranormal fascinating, but I think if I ever saw a ghost I’d shit my pants.

Currently Drinking:

Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Frankly I like the limeade better as it seems to go down smoother, but it is difficult to find in stores unless you buy the party pack of Mike’s and then you only get 3 limeades out of a 12-pack, which really doesn’t amount to shit if you don’t care for the other flavors.

Currently Participating In:

Tonight is Buzztime Trivia competition night at the Native New Yorker in Tucson.  I’m told the restaurant has another one on Thursday where free appetizers are available.  If this information is incorrect, remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

Currently Watching:

Grimm.  It used to be on Friday nights, but the station changed it to Tuesdays in the hopes that it would quietly die off and leave those of us who watch hanging.  I like Nick and Monroe’s continuing “bromance” but wish that Juliette would fall into an oubliette (rhyme originally not intended).  I also have a continuing argument with my husband on the subject of Sgt. Wu.  I think he’s straight, the hubby says he’s not.  Opinions anyone?


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  1. Grignr

    A great start! You are officially on my bookmarks bar.

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