May 8, 2013

When my husband read yesterday’s post, he asked what I had against Matt Smith, the current actor portraying Dr. Who.  Absolutely nothing.  Matt Smith and the other actors who portrayed Dr. Who were all unique and great in their own way.  What I meant to imply was that I enjoy the show, all actors included, although Tom Baker is my favorite.  If you have a favorite Dr. Who, email Alice at  Alternatively, you could just post a comment here.

If you are curious about how the trivia team did last night at Native New Yorker (Speedway and Country Club), I am proud to tell you that Tucson came in 8th out of 50 national bars that were competing.  Go Tucson!

I am still unemployed, but as I read (and drank) last night and took notes for my posts, I realized that I was doing what I loved and all I needed was a little money.  If you love what I’m doing, please send money.  Alternatively, you could just post a comment here.

Continued Reading:

1.  Kent State:  What Happened and Why by James A. Michener, copyright 1971 by Random House, Inc. 

This book is starting to frustrate me as I am at a loss to understand where these students are coming from and whether or not they recognized the hypocrisy they themselves committed.  The SDS committee in Kent State stood for Students for a Democratic Society.  Ok, fine.  However, to quote from member Paul Probious on p. 135, “We established our communes in three Ohio cities, one in Columbus, two in Akron, two in Cleveland.  The idea was to teach severe discipline . . . . The object was to produce revolutionaries programmed to obey orders even if they involved severe personal sacrifice or death.  You surrendered all personal money, idiosyncrasies and will power, assured that you would come out of the experience with total dedication.”  Apparently they put dictatorship back in democracy.

Also listed herein are some of their rather bizarre (by my standards) demands:

1.  Abolish ROTC.

2.  Abolish the Liquid Crystals Institute.

3.  Abolish the Northeast Ohio Crime Laboratory.

4.  Abolish the Kent Law Enforcement Training Program.

ROTC is a college-based program where students “may receive a competitive, merit-based scholarship, covering all or part of college tuition, in return for an obligation of active military service after graduation.” (Wikipedia).  I see no democracy being practiced by the SDS demanding that opportunities for other student be abolished.

Liquid Crystals Institute was established in 1965 with support from the U.S. Air Force, Army and the Department of Defense.  They received a grant to develop liquid crystal detectors which are used in mine clearance in the military.  Yet according to SDS, The Liquid Crystals Institute was an institution “of genocide.”  (See Give Peace a Chance by Melvin Small).  The only genocide I see here is the poor military schmuck walking behind the detector when a mine goes off.  That’s not genocide, it’s more like . . . genocidita.

The Northeast Ohio Crime Laboratory is, obviously, a laboratory and the Kent Law Enforcement Training Program is, as it says, a training program.  Yet according to Terry Robbins (Wikipedia), “. . . both institutions defended the American status quo and protected the interests of the ruling class.”  How?  By catching criminals?

ON THE OTHER HAND, some of the National Guardsmen were just insane (if you will allow me the use of the word).  On that same weekend of the riot in April, the National Guard were in Ohio to help quell an “illegal work stoppage by a group of truck drivers . . .who were interfering with truck movements out of the city.”  Ron Snyder, captain and commander of Charlie Company had his troops either riding in convoys with the beleaguered truck drivers or “. . . deployed with fixed bayonets around the beer halls as a further deterrent to any highjinks by the strikers.  ‘The spirit of the bayonet,’ Ron says in reflection, describing this tactic.  ‘Bare steel can have a wonderful calming effect.’ ”  I’m willing to bet you he loves the smell of napalm in the morning as well.

2.  Haunted Happenings by Robert E. Cahill, copyright 1992 by Old Saltbox

Author Robert E. Cahill, I learned, was Sheriff of Essex County, Massachusetts and served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives during the 1970s.  I couldn’t help but ask myself what a Sheriff was doing writing such a book, but then I also must question what I am doing reading such a book.  My only response is that I enjoy them, so I assume Mr. Cahill enjoyed writing them.  However, as fun as these stories may be, the photos of ghosts are not only highly improbable, they are downright ridiculous.  wickedwitchghostThis is supposedly a photo of the Wicked Witch Ghost of Joshua Ward House, Salem.  To me, it looks like either a photo of a propped up African-American Barbie doll or La Toya Jackson on a good day.  Nancy Drew is more believable.

Currently Drinking:

Mike’s Hard Blood Orange Seasonal Edition.  I found this flavor while searching in vain for my beloved limeade.  According to the box, blood orange is “less sweet, and a bit tarter than traditional oranges.”  I disagree.  I found no tartness at all.  Instead, this is a wonderful addition to the Mike’s  line.  If this is only seasonal and will soon disappear, I am going to have to stock up.  If you like Mike’s, give this flavor a try.

Currently Watching:

Nothing.  I’m typing this post.  Besides, there is nothing on Wednesday nights except a few true crime shows which are usually repeats and blur out any chance of seeing actual death, damnit.  Yes, I know Grignr, I’m a sick pooch but the only reason to watch these shows or read the books is for the gore and those who say otherwise will also claim they don’t slow down to look at bad car accidents either.  Liars.



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5 responses to “May 8, 2013

  1. Grignr


  2. Grignr

    PS Does your Trivia team have a name? I could give you some recommendations…heh heh heh heh heh heh.

  3. I know that D. and K. had some suggestions, but no, we don’t have a name. Pray tell, what are your suggestions? :p

  4. Grignr

    Oh, you know, the usual sort of things..sphincter monkeys, etc. ‘The R.O.U.S’s’ gets my vote though. HAW HAW HAW!

  5. And you call ME a sick pooch?

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