May 9, 2013 – Reply to a Comment

My Dearest Grignr:

The only reason people watch the following:

1.  Forensic/true crime shows:  For blood splatter.  No one wants to watch half-an-hour of a lab tech fiddling with a test tube.

2.  Sports:

A.  NASCAR – Car crashes.

B.  Hockey – Fights. 

C.  Football – Horrendous injuries, kinda like what happened to Joe Theismann.

D.  Basketball – Lost teeth and broken noses.

E.  Softball – Fastballs to the face.

F.  Bowling/Golf and Fishing:  These do not count as they are not sports but merely pastimes.

I have no doubt you watch only uplifting shows such as NOVA, Downton Abbey and Mr. Rogers and that’s good because funding is needed for those shows and you and others like you provide it. 


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One response to “May 9, 2013 – Reply to a Comment

  1. Grignr

    Formulating scathing reply….

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