May 15, 2013

It seems like my days are busy with cleaning, running errands and looking for work.  Then, if I’m lucky, I get to post on my blog.  Today is one of my lucky days!

Just Started Reading:

Death of the Mantis: A Detective Kubu Mystery by Michael Stanley, copyright 2011, published by HarperCollins

This is the May 2013 pick by the Mostly Books mystery book group which I occassionally manage to attend.  Death of the Mantis is the third book in the Detective Kubu series but the first of the series that I have read.  Set in Botswana, Detective Kubu must solve a series of murders that have been committed by Bushmen or someone seeking to make it look that way.  If, for some reason, you wish more information on this book, visit

My initial impression is that if this book were a color, it would be puce.  Both the name and color seem to fit.  Puce.


So far, the only sentence of interest I found was on page 73.

“Back at the ranger station, they splashed their faces and rapidly downed several tepid cold drinks.”

I got to wondering if it was possible to be tepid and cold.  Tepid:  Lukewarm: slightly warm.  Cold:  Having a relatively low temperature; having little or no warmth.  Wouldn’t that be an oxymoron?  Like jumbo shrimp?  No doubt the drinks were puce in color as well.

Continued Reading: 

True Tales of Terror in the Caves of the World by Paul Jay Steward

Sawney Beane Cave, Scotland – mid to late 1500s: 


Well, you know what they say, “location, location, location.”

The story is that Sawney Beane and his wife took up residence in a sea cave from which they operated raids upon unwary travelers, robbing them of their valuables and then throwing the bodies into the sea.  Once they began to have children, they hit upon the idea of feeding their brood the victims, which were cut up, dried and pickled.  Yummers.  When the local magistrate finally caught up with the clan, the came upon a large room in the cave where,

“hanging from the walls and ceiling were the arms, legs, hands, feet and bodies of men, women and children.  Other rooms contained huge barrels of body parts being pickled in brine.”

Waste not, want not I always say.

The Bat Cave, Thailand – 1998


Sorry all you DC Comic fans, it it’s not THAT Bat Cave.  This bat cave is full of bat shit which turns out to be a very precious commodity in Thailand.  On April 2, 1998, five villagers were killed by rival crap collectors.  Well shit.

Ardeatine Caves, Rome – 1944


Three-hundred and thirty-five people were executed by Nazis in retaliation for a bomb set off by a partisan group, killing 26 soldiers.  The area is now a national memorial with a mausoleum containing 335 marble coffins.  Are these coffins full sized?  No doubt this created a marble shortage and explains why statues are now constructed of metal.

Well, at least the body count in this book is now beginning to pick up after a disappointing start.  I was starting to think I could get a larger number of deaths in Harry Potter.

Finally Finished:

Kent State: What Happened and Why by James Michener:

It’s a Christmas miracle!  Or at least a May 15, 2013 miracle.  The subject was interesting and the research was well done.  Sadly, Mr. Michener seems to have some sort of twitch which makes him incapable of putting down his pen long after he has started to distress the reader with an abundance of unnecessary details.

kent state shooting

To find this photo I typed Kent State into Bing search engine.  What came up was Kent State Massacre.  I’m sorry, but 4 people is hardly a massacre.

In summary, all that really can be said is that nobody (except, in my opinion, a few diehards from the SDS) were to blame.   None of the students killed were associated with the SDS officially.  The closet person to the Guards at the time of the shooting was 75 feet, so the Guards were in no real danger.  It is unclear whether or not an official order was given to shoot.  Maybe I should change my first statement to say nobody and everybody was to blame.  Mistakes were made on both sides.  Miscommunication was rampant.

Despite all my complaints about Mr. Michener, this is a book worth reading.

Currently Drinking:  Bud Light.  Yep.  Cheap, and if you throw a little lime in there, not bad taste-wise.  The hubby and I made pizza for dinner.  You can use Bisquick for the crust, spaghetti sauce, cheese, pepperoni, etc.  Turns out pretty tasty.  Pizza and beer.  Isn’t that the official American dinner?  Or is that hot dogs?

Currently Watching:  Nothing.  But if there is a new Mysteries at the Museum on tonight, I’ll probably give that a go as it’s a pretty good show.  Very educational.  Yep.



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2 responses to “May 15, 2013

  1. Grignr

    I think they should start serving pickled arms next to the pickled eggs in bars.

  2. Grignr

    While we sip our tepid cold drinks. Make up your damn mind! Are they tepid or cold??

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