May 22, 2013

Sitting in Native New Yorker.  Its nice and cool after driving in the heat.  Coronas are 2.50 all day, every day.  My friend G. says Corona is the Schlitz of Mexico.  That’s ok.  As long as it isn’t the Coors of Mexico.  Coors tastes like panther piss, so the Mexican equivalent of Coors would taste like Javelina piss or maybe Chupacabra (which would be Chupacabra piss and the piss of the goat it sucked on).

The bartender, A.H. suggested I try Pacifico, said it was better than Corona.  And damn if she wasn’t right.  Smoother.  Now I wonder if G shouldn’t say Corona is the Coors of Mexico.

A.H. was right on things today.  Right there with the beers, right there with suggestions.  A great bartender!  She gave me a sample of Tornado (IPA) beer,  knowing that I am trying new beers for this blog.  If I didn’t believe it sacrilegious to not finish a beer, I would have spit that out.  Pronto!  It tasted like cat urine smells.  Should you want to try a beer that tastes that cat urine smells after being fermented for 5,000 years, drink Devil’s Ale, brewed by SanTan Brewing Co. in Chandler, AZ.  I made the hubby finish that sample for me.

Our Tuesday night trivia group is still the first of the four bars in Arizona that are competing.  Our score is:

Native New Yorker:  442,226 (Tucson)

Dell’s:                      335,945  (Casa Grande)

Big Daddy’s:            326,485  (Phoenix)

Fuzzy’s:                   325,026  (Surprise)

Sorry no books in this post, just drinking.  But if y’all want good food, fun trivia and a great bartender, come on over to Native New Yorker when A.H. is working and have some fun.  You might just see me there as well, drinking.  In the name of science for the blog of course.


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  1. Grignr

    Yeehaw! Trivia geniuses!

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