May 29, 2013

It’s actually 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday May 28th, but there’s no way I’ll have this together before sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Just got home about 1/2 hour ago from the trivia competition at Native New Yorker (our last night for this month’s competition).  Of the four bars vying against each other in Arizona, we won.  Big Daddy’s in Phoenix came in a close second.  To close.  I don’t know the exact score yet but we were first in Arizona and Big Daddy’s second.  In the nation we were 17th and Big Daddy’s 18.  Nipping at our heels.  J. said that was great because he felt bad winning by a landslide.  Me, I like landslides.


No new beers were tried this night.  In fact, no beer was drunk at all.  Ice tea was.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that ice tea should never be ordered in a sports bar.  It sucks.  Even with lemon.


Happily, books have been read.  My latest is a book I’d had on my “to read” list for quite some time before I spotted it used at Mostly Books.  In fact, this book covers a job I once thought of applying for.  Answering 911:  Life in the Hot Seat by Caroline Burau, copyright 2006, published by Borealis Books tells of the ups and downs of 911 operators.  After reading this, it seems to me they have mostly downs.  I thought this would be a quick, fun little book full of humorous anecdotes of those oh so crazy people who call 911 to complain about someone selling them bad crack.  But no.  After reading this book, being a 911 operator sounds like the most annoying, depressing, god-awfullest job in the world and I no longer want to give it a try.  It’s not that it wasn’t a good book, it’s just not what I was expecting.  If you want to know what 911 operators have to put up with, read this book.  If you want to know what the people calling to report bad crack have to put up with, read What’s the Number for 911? America’s Wackiest 911 Calls by LeLand H. Gregory III, copyright 2000, published by Andrews McMeel.

It is now 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 29.  Talk about timing.  Post accomplished.


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