June 11, 2013


Cannibals and Evil Cult Killers:  The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes (the darkest, innermost, secrets of cannibals and evil cult killers are revealed), Time Warner Books, copyright 2006

As no part of this book may be reproduced, I’ll have to paraphrase much of my work.  However, there is no way I’m going to paraphrase this gem!

The views presented in this publication are those of the author.  The information is provided solely on the basis that readers will be responsible for making their own assessments of the matters discussed and are advised to consult a professional to verify all relevant representations, statements and information obtained from this book.

What that tells me is the author couldn’t be bothered to do proper research.  As for a professional?  Don’t worry, I’ll point out exactly where and how this book fails miserably.  And as far as failing, this book is gem.

Let’s start with the title.  What were they thinking?  That if they put the word “evil” and “heinous” in often enough we’d have to believe the contents were true?  They already sound like one of those losers on COPS trying to convince the police of their story.  “No really esse, there’s evil and heinous crimes being committed out there.  Evil esse, evil!”

Where do we go from here?  Why to the Introduction of Cannibalism and a section entitled Psychology Behind Cannibalism.  And what, pray, causes cannibalism?  Why mommy of course!  Problems with weaning or over-nurturing causes baby to want to eat mommy.  You know, I thought we’d gotten past Freud and his sexual hangups.  So, Strike One!

The Next Section, Cannibalism Around the World will be discussed in the next post as this is a sizable book.  Bishop (pictured below) says more reading, less typing and chill a Mike’s Lemonade pleeze.  We’re off!



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  1. Grignr

    Bishop is sticking his tongue out at me, LOL! Great post!

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