June 16, 2013


Let’s talk Kiltlifter shall we?  It’s not so much the beer, which was drinkable, but the name.  Kiltlifter.  It makes you wonder what the hell is in that beer that would cause one’s clothing to readjust itself in such a manner.  Or perhaps the implication is that the beer is so good, it causes an erection, thereby causing the kilt to lift.  As I noted, the beer was good but not that good.  I could have had the hubby try it, but alas he was wearing jeans, not a kilt.  Maybe I could get a government grant to study men in kilts drinking Kiltlifter. . . .


My cat Motorbutt just stepped on the keyboard again.  I was going to delete what he typed, but then I realized it pretty much summed up what I thought about Fireman’s Brew.  This concoction was the brainchild of two California firemen who must have been doing more smoking than extinguishing.  You can get pretty much the same taste and consistency (cheaper) by drinking soy sauce.


Just finished Section Two of Cannibals and Evil Cult Killers:  Cannibalism Most Macabe.   As The Bowler once said to The Spleen after he hit on her, “There’s not enough beer in the world.”  If you don’t get the quote, you need to watch Mystery Men.  This means you G.

There was nothing worthwhile in this section of the book.  The author apparently randomly took a handful of serial killers, did some haphazard research and the regurgitated what little he learned.  Our next section?  Cult Suicides.  Happily there is just enough beer in the world to get me through the rest of this book.

across the pond

Across the Pond:  An Englishman’s View of America by Terry Eagleton, copyright 2013, published by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Here is a summary of what Mr. Eagleton discovered:

The British are perfect.  The Irish suck, but not as much as those bloody awful Americans.

The end.

the monitorThe Monitor is our upcoming horror film.  In summary:  An emotionally-scarred woman flees her abusive husband with their 8-year-old son, but finds her sanity slipping while suffering a series of terrifying hallucinations in this dark thriller from Norway.

Need to stock up on the beer.


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  1. Grignr

    Kiltlifter=GOOD!! LOL A Norwegian horror movie. It has an odd sound to it.

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