June 19, 2013


I’m falling behind on my blog and my reading.  The above is a photo of the books I’m set to read and listen to (Ten Hours Until Dawn is an audio book).  It is also a photo of my cat Gollum’s (aka Stinker aka Brother) butt.  From bottom to top they are:

1.  Caravaggio by Catherine Puglisi – I’ve never heard of this artist, but some of his work looks pretty cool and the book was free thanks to my friend D.

2.  History of a Suicide:  My Sister’s Unfinished Life by Jill Bialosky – Bought on a whim at Mostly Books.

3.  The Dark Vineyard: A Mystery of the French Countryside by Martin Walker – This month’s pick for the mystery book club.  Need to have this read by the 26th.

4.  The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness the the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson – Next month’s pick for the nonfiction book club.  Need to have this read by July 3rd.

5.  Lily Dale: The True Story of the Town that Talks to the Dead by Christine Wicker – Bought at Bookman’s because I like the author (Not in Kansas Anymore).

6.  Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson – Another free book from D.  Never pass up a free book.

7.  London Bridges by James Patterson – The third free book from D.  See above.

8.  Born to be Killers: The Complexity of Abnormal Human Behavior by Time Warner Productions – Bought at Bookman’s.  Sounds like my kind of book.

9.  Riding the Iron Roster: By Train Through China by Paul Theroux – I read and enjoyed his book Kingdom by the Sea.

10.  Ten Hours Until Dawn: The True Story of Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do by Michael J. Tougias (read by Joe Barrett) – Bought at Bookman’s mostly because this audio CD also the actual radio communications between the Can Do and the Coast Guard.

I’m off to watch Cleveland House of Horror on the Life Channel.  I’ll sign off with photos of the cats (Motorbutt, Brother, Bishop) and my feet.



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  1. Grignr

    I gave my friend D. (not your D., a different one) a copy of The Devil In The White City. He said it had too many words LOL! I will be interested to hear what you think. Also you have cute little feet.

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