June 21, 2013


Watching the Diamondbacks.  They’re actually winning, bottom of the 7th, 11 to 4.  They are, of course, entirely capable of blowing it in the 9th with a pitcher from the bullpen, but it looks like tacos tomorrow for those who can stand the cardboard cutouts at Taco Bell.  You want good tacos, go to Le Casita de Molina, not Taco Bell.  You want free, be prepared for cardboard.  If you want to pay for cardboard, go to Golden Corral.

the monitorNow for The Monitor, our Norwegian horror film, which must have been filmed with some Norwegian wood if you Beatles fans know what I mean.  My husband noticed right away that Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) was staring.  Trust him to recognize a pair of boobs.  I think the woman is way to skinny and needs to be force fed cheeseburgers for a month.  At one point in the film, she fit into her 8-year-old son’s shirt!  That’s just wrong and kinda freaky.  But I digress.  This is no horror film.  This is no film.  It is a 2 hour exercise in confusion and learning to say “huh?” in various inflections.

cannibal As far as Cannibals and Evil Cut Killers, I have nothing further to say.  I finished the book and damn well deserve a medal for having done so.  This book is crap.  It is also inconsistent and ill-researched crap.  If you ever come across it, put it down and find something better to read, something like “Welcome Home Charlie Brown.”

dark vineyard

The last book we will be discussing tonight is The Dark Vineyard, this month’s pick for the mystery book club.  As far as I can figure out, the book is about the arson of a crop of genetically altered soybeans, some sour grapes and one truffle omelette.

The French may find this sort of “mystery” heart pounding, but I for one, do not.  I am on page 173 of a 303 page book and only now do 2 corpses show up (most likely natural deaths).  Call that a mystery?  Trying to discover where my cats hid their last puke is a greater mystery!

And know you know the rest of the story.


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  1. Grignr

    LOL LOL! Great reviews.

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