July 6, 2013


My latest beer taste test was Budweiser Black Crown.  The beer was good, went down smooth.  What worries me more is the cap.  Pry Off.  Pry off.  Not twist off or pop off.  Pry off.  Thanks for the update Bud.  Without that information I would have never managed to get to the beer!  The fact that you seem to suggest I’ll need a crowbar though is a little worrisome. . . . This beer is good enough to drink again, if I can get the cap off.


As indicated in my last post, I was surprised by how good A Thousand Lives turned out to be.  The author not only covers Jim Jones and his neuroses, but the people caught up in them, whether willingly or no.  If you are looking for photos of mass suicide though, you will have to look elsewhere.  If you are looking for an enlightening book on an often misunderstood tragedy, read this.

We’re off.  Say goodnight finger-puppet cat.




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4 responses to “July 6, 2013

  1. Grignr

    Only you would complain because they didn’t show enough photos of dead, rotting bodies. Sicko.

  2. Grignr

    Love the finger-puppet cat!

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