August 29, 2013

You know the type of person who, when you tell them something, always says, “I knew that.”  It doesn’t matter how obscure the fact may be, they knew it already.  That would be this next author.


Tracker:  Hunting Down Serial Killers by Dr. Maurice Godwin

It’s said that hindsight is 20/20.  For Dr. Maurice Godwin, hindsight means he was right.  As far as I can tell from reading this book, “Doctor” Godwin has never solved a case yet.  Why?  Well either the police don’t consult him or, if they do, they don’t listen to him.

FBI profilers (John Douglas, Rob Ressler, Roy Hazelwood) are all WRONG!  They’ve never solved a case!  Mr. Godwin however is brilliant and had he only been listened to, INNOCENT LIVES would have been saved!  But fear not FBI profilers and average citizens, Dr. Godwin is now on the case.

You may notice that I didn’t post the copyright or the publisher.  This is because I sold this piece of crap before I could write down that information.


Explorers of the Infinite:  The Secret Spiritual Lives of Extreme Athletes – and What They Reveals About Near-Death Experiences, Psychic Communication and Touching the Beyond by Maria Coffey, copyright 2008, published by Penguin Books

The first half of the book seems to consist mostly of, “I hiked Mount Everest and found God.”  No doubt they did.  Especially the ones who went without oxygen.  Some, like Robert Falcon Scott, found God in a more permanent manner.  During his return journey in the South Pole (1911-1912) when frostbite “forced Scott to stop walking.  His team opted to stay with him, dooming them all to die.”  Only a bunch of men would think that was a good plan.  Women on the other hand would have built a travois and pulled Scott the final 11 miles to the supply depot.

So, for most of the book no near-death experiences, no psychic communication.  “Spirituality” abounds however.  That’s fine, but it’s not what I want to read about.  The last few chapters of the book finally get more into the paranormal and the stories get quite interesting.  I would have enjoyed reading more.


Looper is a 2013 sci-fi/action film written and directed by Rian Johnson and starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt.  In the film, time travel is invented by the year 2074 and, though immediately outlawed, is used by criminal organizations to send those they want killed into the past where they are killed by “loopers”, assassins paid with silver bars strapped to their targets. (Wikipedia)

Except for the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s overly darkened eyebrows made him look like a clown, this was an entertaining, fast-paced movie.  Oh, and the part where Bruce Willis takes out a building-full of trained, heavily-armed assassins all by himself was completely unbelievable, even if he is Bruce Willis.

Still, I would recommend this film for a good night’s entertainment.



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2 responses to “August 29, 2013

  1. Grignr

    The eyebrows have their own stylist and wardrobe person!

  2. Sam

    Did he say Yippee Kiyay Mother F** ker at at any point?
    Die Hard has been the convenient excuse to make Bruce Willis a one man army in every film he’s starred in since.

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