September 6, 2013

I admit I’m watching Panic 9-1-1 on A&E and procrastinating on my post.  I also keep trying to adjust the volume on the TV with my mouse.  Things are not going well.  Speaking of not going well:


Along Came A Spider by James Patterson, copyright 1992, published by Warner Books

Plot:  The daughter of a famous Hollywood actress and the son of the secretary of the Treasury are kidnapped and Alex Cross must solve the kidnapping as well as a series of murders.

It’s not often I will say a movie is better than the book, but THE MOVIE IS BETTER THAN THE BOOK!  My friend T. told me that if I was going to read the Alex Cross series, I should read this book first.  I’m glad I didn’t.  Had I read this book first I would have never read James Patterson again.

At least the movie had a beginning, a middle and an end.  The book had a beginning, a middle, a middle, a middle, more middle and an end.  By page 301 with no sign of ending, I felt I was reading James Michener not James Patterson.  Fortunately Mr. Patterson soon got the brilliant idea of writing very short chapters and more concise books.

Start later in the series, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.


Danger! True Stories of Trouble and Survival edited by James O’Reilly, copyright 1999 by Traveler’s Tales Inc.

“28 tales of trouble and survival guaranteed to give you the thrill without the suffering.”

This, my friends, is a great f-ing book!  I loved this book.  Quick.  Never boring.  Often when you buy books with a series of tales by different authors only a few are worth reading.  Not so with this gem.  Definitely some stories are better than others but I enjoyed reading them all.  I particularly enjoyed Josie Dew, Eric Hansen, Peter Potterfield, Graham Mackintosh and Kevin Kertscher.

Read this not James Patterson.

This post would have been typed quicker had my cats not kept walking across my keyboard.



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  1. Gina

    LOL James Michener not James Patterson! I would rather go out back and slay myself than read another one of Michener’s books. ‘Yes, yes, you know more about this subject than I do-LET’S F–ING MOVE ON!!’ Barely cracked the Junger book and started getting waves of books 3 at a time coming in from the library, so I’m going to return it and try again when things calm down. Library drama!!

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