September 23, 2013 – Luis Alberto Urrea, James Patterson and James Patterson


The Devil’s Highway A True Story by Luis Alberto Urrea, copyright 2004, published by Back Bay Books

The journey of 26 Mexicans who decide to cross the border in the Sonoran Desert, during which 14 of the 26 die.

I’m going to take the middle ground and not give my opinion on illegals crossing the border as this is a very touchy subject, especially here in Arizona where I live.  Suffice to say that Mr. Urrea writes so well that it seems his talents are wasted on a book that few might read due to the subject matter.  G. suggests The Hummingbird’s Daughter (fiction) as being a good Luis Urrea book to read.  I doubt I will, but feel free to take her advice.  However be aware of the fact that G. believes China Melville to also be a good author.

patterson<—– Not my best work

I’m going to cover two James Patterson books because A) I read them; and B) Two of shit is still shit.  Granted Mr. Patterson is my new Nancy Drew but I had hoped for better.


Hide and Seek by James Patterson, copyright 1996, published by Warner Books

The trial of a woman who shot her first husband and is possibly guilty of killing her second husband as well.

My first reactions upon finishing this book were as follows:

1.  Vas is das?

2.  What in tarnation?

3.  What in the name of Sam Hill?  (For possible origins of Sam Hill:


You know what this is?  This is a romance loosely disguised as a mystery.  Romance!  If I wanted to read romance I would check myself in to the nearest psychiatric facility to have my head examined.


Jack & Jill by James Patterson, copyright 1996, published by Warner Books

In the middle of the night a controversial U.S. senator is found murdered in bed.  The police turn up only one clue: a mysterious rhyme signed “Jack and Jill”.

The third of the Alex Cross series, Jack & Jill is better than Hide and Seek but not by much.  You know why?  Here’s why:

“She slithered up and down his long, powerful pole, his strength, his exquisite maleness.”

I’m sorry, I thought I was reading a mystery not a bodice buster!  Slithered?  Da fug?  I’m pretty sure that Nancy Drew has never slithered.  Ever.  On anything.



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One response to “September 23, 2013 – Luis Alberto Urrea, James Patterson and James Patterson

  1. Gina

    CHINA MIEVILLE IS A GOOD AUTHOR, YOU EVIL WENCH!! Also, even though the subject is controversial, LA Urrea is very popular here in the southwest, and I do think lots of people have read that book. Wasn’t the body count high enough even for you, you Demon From Heck??
    I too often feel betrayed when a book I’m reading is nothing more than a dressed-up romance novel. Avoid ‘The Lace Reader’. It’s all like “Golly, what are these feelings I have whenever he is near me?” with a bit of plot thrown in. Just slither on his masculine pole and be done with it, dumbass.
    Great blog!!

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