October 6, 2013 – Ginnie Siena Bivona and Cassandra Eason


Haunted Encounters: Ghost Stories from Around the World edited by Ginnie Bivona, Mitchel Whitington and Dorothy McConachie, copyright 2004, published by Atriad Press

psychic suburbia

Psychic Suburbia by Cassandra Eason, copyright 1994, published by Foulsham

I really enjoy paranormal (aka new age) books, especially those with multiple stories.  They’re fun and they’re a quick read when you need a break from The Perfect Storm.  The stories in Haunted Encounters are all by different authors, many of them quite good.  The author of Psychic Suburbia is British and covers the topic of mediums, spiritualism, out of body, near death, etc.

These are both books I would recommend for anyone who enjoys this genre.

ghost cat



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2 responses to “October 6, 2013 – Ginnie Siena Bivona and Cassandra Eason

  1. Gina

    I would not have pegged you for a ‘new age’ fan. How come they all think they used to be freakin Cleopatra in a previous life? THERE WAS ONLY ONE CLEOPATRA!! When are you going to give me a Tarot card reading, BTW?

  2. You missed the previous post. No reading for you! :p

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