October 28, 2013 – Annie Wilder, Leslie Rule and Val McDermid

Yep sorry, still on the paranormal trip!  Join in!


Trucker Ghost Stories and Other True Tales of Haunted Highways by Annie Wilder – ebook

For some damn reason the title page in my ebook says “Author Unknown”.  Actually the damn reason is probably that some ebooks are just screwed up (see my review of Val McDermid’s The Distant Echo).

These are true stories from the highways and byways of America. These firsthand accounts are as varied as the storytellers themselves—some are detailed and filled with the terror and suspense that made people feel they had to share what happened to them with others; others are brief and straightforward retellings of truly chilling events. (see Amazon.com synopsis).

My answer to this synopsis?  Pffffffffffffffffffft!  You know what’s more frightening than the stories in this book?  Well, just about anything really.  I was going to say something about flushing the toilet at a friend’s house and it backs up on you but that really is frightening.

The story I remember most was one where a trucker was convinced that a demon was attempting to enter his truck but was unable to because he (the trucker) played the Passion of Christ CD really loud all night long.  You need to read this to yourself in a voice like Mick Jagger uses in The Girl With the Faraway Eyes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyK1bZZ7E-s) HONEST – Go listen.  If you don’t want to listen, here are some lyrics which should give you an idea:

I was driving home early Sunday morning through Bakersfield
Listening to gospel music on the colored radio station
And the preacher said, “You know you always have the
Lord by your side”

And I was so pleased to be informed of this that I ran
Twenty red lights in his honor
Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Lord

Now go to the site I gave you and listen.


Where Angels Tread: Real Stories of Miracles and Angelic Intervention by Leslie Rule – ebook

Yes, another angel book only this one was well written and a good read.  It may (or may not) interest you to know that Leslie Rule is Ann Rule’s daughter.  She has written a number of books on the paranormal:  Coast to Coast Ghosts, Ghosts Among Us, When the Ghost Screams and Ghost in the Mirror.

I recommend the first three ghost books but not Ghost in the Mirror as it just wasn’t written as well as her others.  I would also recommend the angel book if you have any interest.


The Distant Echo by Val McDermid – ebook

Four Scottish friends accused of murder in 1978.  Twenty-five years the murder is still unsolved and one by one the friends are being killed off . . .

This might be a good book.  I wouldn’t know.  First off the author annoyingly uses undefined Scottish slang in her/his? books which makes for unsure reading unless you want to look up every fecking word on Gooogle.

I say her/his as frankly I’m not sure.  Google says her.  I say judge for yourself:


Secondly this was a very badly scanned or edited ebook.  Every time the word “the” was used it was printed as “die”.  At least I think it was the word “the”.  Then there was the time a main character was threatened with “The Val McDermid truth!”  Huh?  Response to the police, “Every minute you spend concentratirfg on us is a minute lost.”

Yeah I’m kinda running quotes together but I just want you to get the general idea.  Not doubt the actual book reads better but I’m disinclined to find out. 




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2 responses to “October 28, 2013 – Annie Wilder, Leslie Rule and Val McDermid

  1. Grignr

    Yeeeaaah, lotsa typos in the ebooks. Of course they’re showing up in hardbacks too. And my autocorrect wanted to put ‘Ebola’ instead of ebooks, so there is that. Great blog!

  2. Grignr

    And I vote for that author being named Pat.

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