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Switching through channels looking for something to watch around 1:00 pm on a weekday when I came across this listing for channel 6.

Mr. and Mrs. Murder – Charlie and Nicola investigate when John Ellroy is killed by a flying mirror.




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Quick catch up on books

All reading and no blogging makes for a backlog.  A blank page makes for writers block.  Apparently I need to hire a ghost writer.

  • The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw – Tom Brokaw tells the stories of individual men and women who came of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War.  Good book, maybe even great.  Not the greatest.  Like history?  Read.
  • Medic-16, Medic 16: Chronicles of a Street Medic by Mark Praschak – One of many “EMT” books read lately.  Why so many of the same genre?  Well, when you finish one, Amazon recommends another and if I can get it under my Amazon Prime deal, I’ll read it.  I enjoyed the book, but Mr. Praschak has some problems; issues with women and frequent and improper use of italics.   may need a ghost writer, but this man needs an editor.
  • Life, Death or Somewhere In-between: True Paramedic series by Patrick Ramsey:  You know, I’ve read so many Paramedic books lately that maybe it’s this author with the problems with women and italics. . . .
  • Memoirs of an Outlaw: Life in the Sandbox by Robert M. Tanner III – Stories on the Iraq War that focuses more on the personal aspects of war rather than exclusively on combat.  I love military history, especially when the author can write!  Good book.  Try it!
  • House Calls:  Stories from Thirty Years of Rural Medicine Among the Amish and English by Gary Yarbrough M.D. –  Title speaks for itself.  Sorry, but I mistook this man for someone who could write.
  • The I-5 Killer by Ann Rule – Like military history, I also love true crime.  –  Randall Woodfield cruised an 800-mile-long northwestern highway, the I-5 in search of victims.  Ann Rule is almost always a good writer.  Again, a book to try if you enjoy the genre.

I apologize for the perfunctory nature of today’s blog.  Please apply in comments for job of ghost writer.


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9:53 am, still awake

And G, I am in bed!

Just wanted to say, started reading Ms. Hollis’ books and what didn’t come out in Coast to Coast (and I’m trying to be polite – i.e. politically correct – here) is that she is a religiously oriented person who believes she is a Seth-like being.  Don’t know about Seth?

So be warned.  If you tolerate that sort of . . . belief as poorly as me, avoid her books.

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3:23 am and I’m supposed to be sleeping

But I’m not.  I blame Coast to Coast and Heidi Hollis for this.  I usually listen to Coast to Coast A.M. for 20 minutes or so every night before (hopefully) falling asleep.  This time I was kept awake in complete fascination.  As many know, I am a huge fan of the paranormal and tonight’s show covered the Hat Man.  I’d never heard of him before but Ms. Hollis was an entertaining guest, a rare thing on this show.

So for any others with an interest in the paranormal, Ms. Hollis has a webpage, a radio show and a few books published.

It’s now 3:34 am and I’m off to start reading The Hat Man.  Who needs sleep?



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Famed Demon Hunter to Exorcise the Panties of Peril

Had I realized that candles supplied electricity I could have saved hundreds typing up this blog. Read on and snicker.

Best and Worst of Horror

DESPITE their ordinary appearance, these panties are possessed by a force "beyond human comprehension," expert says. DESPITE their ordinary appearance, these panties are possessed by a force “beyond human comprehension,” expert says.

By C. Michael Forsyth

BOSTON — The Panties of Peril, universally ranked the world’s most lethal paranormal object, have claimed the lives of eight women – and one man – who were foolish enough to put them on. All perished in bizarre freak accidents. But the dreaded drawers may have finally met their match. America’s toughest exorcist, the Reverend Jim Bookley, has vowed to rid the evil undies of the demonic entity that has possessed them.

“Either those panties are going down, or I’m going down,” declared the 54-year-old demon hunter.

The history of the Panties of Peril is well documented. But Rev. Bookley has an equally impressive track record. Among the many feathers in his cap, he cast out from a possessed German nun the infamous Legion, the only demon to go…

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Insomnia, the great reading enabler

Finished Adventures of a Surgical Resident, well on my way to finishing The Greatest Generation, and started reading Office Call by Gary Yarbrough, M.D.

How do I get so much reading done during my busy life of sleeping, eating and self-employed jewelry maker?  INSOMNIA!  I was already well acquainted with insomnia when my doctor put me on steroids and introduced me to Super Insomnia.  Even with the help of Ambien I can sometimes go for days without sleep.  You know what goes well with insomnia and reading?  Kindle Unlimited.  I love this app.  For one free month and then $10.00 a month after, all the books I can read out of a large selection of books from every genre.  In the space of two months I managed to squeeze in 77 books.  Don’t want that one free month to go to waste do we?  Granted, I read a lot of crap, but free crap is, well. . . crap.


While this book wasn’t crap, it also wasn’t bnhhhhhhhhh.  My cat wrote that.  I thought I’d leave it in.  It wasn’t a gripping, page-turning literary work either.  Enjoyable, like a good meal, but not a holiday dinner.  For something more humorous try The Year They Tried to Kill Me by Salvatore Inuinta.  For serious (and somewhat alarming) try A Woman in Residence by Michelle Harrison.  Both are better than Adventures of a Surgical Resident.  Sorry Dr. Dobrin.

Okay.  I’m off until I finish another book.  Besides, I have a beer in the freezer and a hankering for some roasted peanuts.



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I’m back

Been away due to chronic illness and resulting depression. However, have had a lot of time to read so let’s get started back up.

Currently reading The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw and Adventures of a Surgical Resident by Phillip Dobrin.  As it is 5:41 am and I feel unwell, I will update on those later.

Will just leave on a question.  Why is the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy being done in three films?  Certainly not artistic value.  More like rampant greed.  Who’s behind this?  Peter Jackson?

You want a good Peter Jackson film?  Go buy a six-pack of beer and rent Bad Taste.

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