Insomnia, the great reading enabler

Finished Adventures of a Surgical Resident, well on my way to finishing The Greatest Generation, and started reading Office Call by Gary Yarbrough, M.D.

How do I get so much reading done during my busy life of sleeping, eating and self-employed jewelry maker?  INSOMNIA!  I was already well acquainted with insomnia when my doctor put me on steroids and introduced me to Super Insomnia.  Even with the help of Ambien I can sometimes go for days without sleep.  You know what goes well with insomnia and reading?  Kindle Unlimited.  I love this app.  For one free month and then $10.00 a month after, all the books I can read out of a large selection of books from every genre.  In the space of two months I managed to squeeze in 77 books.  Don’t want that one free month to go to waste do we?  Granted, I read a lot of crap, but free crap is, well. . . crap.


While this book wasn’t crap, it also wasn’t bnhhhhhhhhh.  My cat wrote that.  I thought I’d leave it in.  It wasn’t a gripping, page-turning literary work either.  Enjoyable, like a good meal, but not a holiday dinner.  For something more humorous try The Year They Tried to Kill Me by Salvatore Inuinta.  For serious (and somewhat alarming) try A Woman in Residence by Michelle Harrison.  Both are better than Adventures of a Surgical Resident.  Sorry Dr. Dobrin.

Okay.  I’m off until I finish another book.  Besides, I have a beer in the freezer and a hankering for some roasted peanuts.




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