• Is my depression worse at night?
  • Is the customer always right?  They’re not.  http://notalwaysright.com
  • Is there now a  Chris Kyle day when, after reading his autobiography, it’s patently clear he’s a (dead) narcissistic, violent asshole?
  • Is my new cat dragging all the food and water bowls into the middle of the kitchen floor?
  • Is my Kindle more fun than my husband?


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2 responses to “Why

  1. Grignr

    1. Yes, because that”s the only time you’re awake.
    2. Obviously not!
    3. I sure hope not because that means no one read the book.
    4. Nope..poltergeists.
    5. What is fun, really?

  2. How dare you make me laugh!

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