I Can’t Believe I Read The Whole Thing

Behind the Yellow Tape: On the Road with Some of America’s Hardest Working Crime Scene Investigators by Jarrett Hallcox and Amy Welch

Wasn’t so much a discussion of cases as it was a collection of self-congratulatory anecdotes, and rather bad ones at that.

One of their cases, if restated in my words would go something like this:

“Oh hey, yeah.  Uh, we went to this place to find some guy’s body with our CSI divining rods, only we never found it.”

Yup, you heard me right.  Divining rods.  Official body-locating divining rods.  Is cold crimes aware of these?  I wanted to throw a Hoffa joke in here, but I couldn’t think of one.

There are better written CSI books out there.  Use your divining rod.


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