I enjoyed The Maze Runner. No really!

Having nothing better to do one afternoon, I sat down with the hubby and watched The Maze Runner.  I enjoyed it!  So much so that I promptly downloaded the entire series by James Dashner and began reading.  That’s when it all turned to shit.  The movie has nothing to do with the book.  Nothing!  At first I suspected Peter Jackson, but then realized if he were involved there’d still be 5 more films to get through just for that first book.

I never bothered to look up the culprit, but whoever you are, you should be ashamed!  This is such a loose interpretation that if it were a pair of slacks, they be around my ankles!  Permanently!  Even if I bought a belt, I’d still need both hands to hold them up!

My advice is frag the movies, stick to books!  But you already knew that.



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