Gillian Flynn

Why everyone thinks Gone Girl is so shit hot when her other two books are so much better is beyond me.  There are no dead people in Gone Girl, just some sociopaths.  It’s like reading an amped up John Updike novel.

Gone Girl is just like the title says.  There’s a gone girl and suspicion falls on the husband.  Readable but bland.  No dead bodies.  Fortunately in Sharp Objects and Dark Places, the body count goes up.

Not only do we get dead bodies, we get dead children’s bodies, some of whom perished in nasty ways.  Things are looking up in my book!  Sadly, these are not G-rated books.  G-rated as In my friend Gina won’t read them.

If you like me, rejoice in a burgeoning death count, start reading!

P.S. – Even thoughI’m not the author, I’d like apologize for the scrappy Disney ending in Dark Spaces.


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