Scarier than Stephen King

Currently reading everything that Freeman Hall has ever written or edited.  This includes Retail Hell, Return To Big Fancy, Little Monster Hell and others.  These terrifying tales of customer bullshit will sound horrifyingly familiar to anyone who has ever worked retail.  Even though I escaped my retail job a long time ago, the tales in these books were enough to make want to march into my local Fry’s and smack every customer in the head.

“Entitled” customers frighten me more than Hannibal Lector ever did.


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A Very Short Blog

The Kindness of Strangers:  One Man’s Journey from Coast to Coast.  No Promises, No Guarantees, and No Money – by Mike McIntyre.

Thinks he’s Hunter S Thompson.  I hate Hunter S Thompson.

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No Children Required

I Heart My Little A-Holes: A bunch of holy-crap moments no one ever told you about parenting by Karen Alpert

This book is about as close as I’ll ever come to having children, but I appreciated the humor nonetheless.  Those with children might appreciate it even more.  If you want a taste of Karen Alpert without reading the book, she has a blog entitled Baby Sideburns.  Check it out and put a little humor in your day.



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Place Facepalm Here

True Ghost Stories:  True Ghost Stories of Terrifying Paranormal Activity, Haunted Houses and Spooky Places from Around the World – © 2015 by Jo Lavine

Yeah, if I were this Jo Levine I wouldn’t admit to having authored this shit either.  Not only are these stories not terrifying, they’re not even relatively recent.

The Bell Witch Haunting has been written about so often that I’m pretty sure you can purchase the autobiography written by the Bell Witch herself.

So Jo Levine wherever you are, a resounding Pfffffffft!


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I Can’t Believe I Read The Whole Thing

Behind the Yellow Tape: On the Road with Some of America’s Hardest Working Crime Scene Investigators by Jarrett Hallcox and Amy Welch

Wasn’t so much a discussion of cases as it was a collection of self-congratulatory anecdotes, and rather bad ones at that.

One of their cases, if restated in my words would go something like this:

“Oh hey, yeah.  Uh, we went to this place to find some guy’s body with our CSI divining rods, only we never found it.”

Yup, you heard me right.  Divining rods.  Official body-locating divining rods.  Is cold crimes aware of these?  I wanted to throw a Hoffa joke in here, but I couldn’t think of one.

There are better written CSI books out there.  Use your divining rod.

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A Very Short Book Review



God Hates You.  Hate Him Back.  Making Sense of the Bible by CJ Werleman

Warning: If you are over-the-top religious, don’t read this book.  You’ll just get offended.  As an atheist who studied bible lit at university, it made me giggle and snort.

However Mr. Werleman, you don’t have to cover the entirety of the Old and New Testaments.

No really.  You don’t.

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Further Conversations With Mom

Me: So who is your favorite author?

Mom:  Shakespeare.

Me:  Really?  What’s your favorite play?  (For the curious, I’m partial to The Merchant of Venice)

Mom:  Oh I haven’t read his books, but I’ve seen all his movies!



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