Briefly taking some time away for health problems.  Thank you to all who follow and hope to be back soon.


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Tom Baker

Who On Earth Is Tom Baker: An Autobiography

I wasn’t originally going to review this book as it probably won’t interest most people, but I was just too astounded by the content not to.

For a brief background, Tom Baker was the actor who played the fourth doctor for the BBC series Doctor Who from 1974 to 1981 and my favorite doctor.  This autobiography however has me questioning my taste.  Why?  Penises.  More specifically, Mr. Baker’s fascination with them, or at least his own.

Having never had a fascination with penises, or indeed genitalia in general, I find this somewhat horrifying.  What’s more, he never uses the word penis.  Instead “skittle” is his choice of euphemism.

If like me you are American, Skittles are a candy, which will never be seen in the same light again.  I’d regale you with some quotes but I shared one with my friend G and she hasn’t spoken to me since.  Also I don’t have permission to do so.

If you are a Doctor Who fan and love Tom Baker, I do not recommend this book.  I can’t stop spraying my Kindle with Lysol frankly.

As an aside, Battle Bots is back on ABC on Sunday night!  I love this show!  Try it!  (Not you G, I already know you won’t like it).


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Gillian Flynn

Why everyone thinks Gone Girl is so shit hot when her other two books are so much better is beyond me.  There are no dead people in Gone Girl, just some sociopaths.  It’s like reading an amped up John Updike novel.

Gone Girl is just like the title says.  There’s a gone girl and suspicion falls on the husband.  Readable but bland.  No dead bodies.  Fortunately in Sharp Objects and Dark Places, the body count goes up.

Not only do we get dead bodies, we get dead children’s bodies, some of whom perished in nasty ways.  Things are looking up in my book!  Sadly, these are not G-rated books.  G-rated as In my friend Gina won’t read them.

If you like me, rejoice in a burgeoning death count, start reading!

P.S. – Even thoughI’m not the author, I’d like apologize for the scrappy Disney ending in Dark Spaces.

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I had one friend tell me not to bother and another who thought the book was the best ever.  I’ll go with good.  I enjoyed it enough to want to finish it.  In one night.  Only one thing bothered me.  The cat.

When Nick discovers his wife is missing, her cat has escaped through the open front door.  Granted, the cat was sitting on the front steps, but put the cat back in damnnit!  I hate shit like this!  The cat wasn’t mentioned again for so long I thought Ms. Flynn forget she’d written it in.

F*ck the wife, where’s the cat?  Did it run away and die by car?  Did it starve to death?  This is terrible!  The book was good, but not cat good!


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I enjoyed The Maze Runner. No really!

Having nothing better to do one afternoon, I sat down with the hubby and watched The Maze Runner.  I enjoyed it!  So much so that I promptly downloaded the entire series by James Dashner and began reading.  That’s when it all turned to shit.  The movie has nothing to do with the book.  Nothing!  At first I suspected Peter Jackson, but then realized if he were involved there’d still be 5 more films to get through just for that first book.

I never bothered to look up the culprit, but whoever you are, you should be ashamed!  This is such a loose interpretation that if it were a pair of slacks, they be around my ankles!  Permanently!  Even if I bought a belt, I’d still need both hands to hold them up!

My advice is frag the movies, stick to books!  But you already knew that.


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Might actually go to tomorrow night’s mystery book group for once as they managed to pick a decent book.  This rarely happens.  I’m not much use because up until joining the group, I’d never read mystery.  Unless Nancy Drew counts.

Let me tell you about the book.  The Beggar’s Opera by Peggy Blair.  It takes place in Cuba.  That’s a first for me.  Cuba!  Anyways, the inspector sees dead people.  Just sees.  They don’t speak or help him solve cases.  Pretty cool in my book.  I love dead people, just ask G.

P.S. – Didn’t go to book group.  Still enjoyed the book.  Read it.


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Doing more than reading

I design, make and sell jewelry locally here in Tucson and as of late I’ve been flipping through Stringing magazine and working with my beads more than reading.  Oh, I still read every day, but mostly fluff.  Short books like Retail Hell or The Hull Truth.  Lately I’ve been messing around with soda, ok beer tabs, as a form of ‘bead’ after seeing some on Pintrest.  I’ve been using Sharpies, clear and glitter nail polish, two coats each for all three.  It’s a pain in the ass.



I think I’ll switch to colored nail polish if anyone shows interest.  I was thinking a bracelet.  I’ll have to get G’s opinion.  She’s the wonderful person who helps me big time in the sales department.  Speaking of sales, if you’ve ever worked retail, you know what customers are like.  If you want a laugh at the customer’s expense, read Retail Hell by Freeman Hall.



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